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Asbestos Insurance

We offer bespoke asbestos insurance to ensure you get the correct cover to suit you. Hazardous Material removal insurance cover is our specialty. 

Demolition Insurance

Demolition contractors choose Asbestos Liability Insurance by Ausure Horizon for their demolition, excavation and tree removal insurance. 

Public Liability

Hazardous material, demolition contractors and excavation companies choose us for their public liability and professional indemnity insurance. 

Do You Need Asbestos Liability Insurance?

Ausure Horizon offers tailored asbestos liability insurance throughout Australia. Whether you require public liability asbestos insurance or asbestos for building insurance – we can assist with a policy that suits your needs.

Why do you need asbestos liability insurance?

Peace of Mind

Asbestos and pollution insurance policies can be hard to find. Additionally, other providers may complicate the process by not adding in the right cover for you. At Ausure, we delve deep into your company to find the right cover – so you have peace of mind.

Industry Experts

Tradesmen, demolition experts, shipyards and renovation specialists choose Ausure Horizon for all of their unique asbestos liability insurance needs. The team is specialised in performing detailed risk assessments so we can offer you the right policy.

Tailored Cover For You

Our team is available to talk you through every step of the process and we’re always on hand to advise and guide. It’s vitally important when choosing a new asbestos liability insurance policy that your broker ensures you have the right coverage to suit you.

Holistic Cover For Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Asbestos was a popular insulation material from the 1940s to the 1980s but due to its extremely fibrous and carcinogenic properties, it was eventually phased out. Unfortunately, before the dangers were widely known, Australia was one of the world’s leading users of asbestos. It was used for sheeting, insulation, pipes, roofing, paint, and so much more. 

This means there is a high probability of your business eventually being directly involved with the hazardous material. Alternatively, your company may have been hired directly to remove asbestos. Either way, you need to make sure your insurance policy is up to date and offers full coverage. No matter the situation, we have an Asbestos Liability Insurance policy for you. 

Finding the right cover for asbestos liability coverage can be hard, as asbestos is currently excluded from many insurance policies altogether. This is because asbestos risks are long-term and in some cases can be ongoing. It is often considered a specialist area of cover. Asbestos Insurance (by Ausure Horizon) can consult with you and our expert team of risk assessors will thoroughly evaluate the circumstances and match you with the best policy.

Our range of Public Liability Asbestos Insurance policies and hands-on team ensure that you are covered for a wide range of asbestos-related hazards. We also cover a variety of industries, for example, we have policies for Liability Insurance for Electricians Working with Asbestos, Tradesmen Liability Insurance Including Asbestos, and even buildings with asbestos insurance.

If you are involved in transportation or demolition then you would know how important it is to be fully insured in case of the worst. Ensuring that you are covered for demolition asbestos insurance and transporting asbestos insurance is essential to cover you and your business in the long term. Our policies are personalised and unique; so specialised that we even have policies for shipyard asbestos. We’ve worked with clients all over Australia, from Sydney to Perth, from Adelaide to Darwin. No matter your location or your industry, Ausure Horizon has the right policy for you. 

When working with or nearby asbestos it’s vital to make sure you are fully insured in case something goes wrong and causes potential contamination. If this occurs, or your workers are exposed to asbestos, the cleaning and compensation could leave you liable for thousands of dollars. Illness related to asbestos can sometimes take almost 30 years to be discovered. This means you need an insurance team that consults with you and knows exactly what kind of cover has the highest limits and the most coverage for asbestos and pollution liability insurance. 

The removal of asbestos, or even working in close proximity to the asbestos fibres can present real and significant danger that’s why Asbestos Insurance (by Ausure Horizon) is on hand to help provide you with the advice that can make a difference. Our supportive network can aid you throughout the process and are always available to give you advice and their industry knowledge. Especially when dealing with asbestos, it’s essential your insurance broker understands your exact situation and specific requirements. Asbestos Insurance (by Ausure Horizon) works with you to ensure you have the best and more comprehensive coverage to suit any situation. 

David Summers from Asbestos Insurance (by Ausure Horizon) has managed our company’s insurances for eight years and we can readily attest to his excellence over this time. Dave’s level of professionalism is unparalleled and combined with his friendly manner and strong commitment to his clients, he provides us with the highest level of service. His speedy response to requests and making claims and his “nothing is too hard” attitude have ensured that Dave is our go-to man for all our insurance needs.
Greg Crockett
JAC Crockett
Asbestos Insurance (by Ausure Horizon) have been nothing but brilliant. Dealing with Daniel and the team has been a breeze. Great communication and making sure you understand everything. We look forward to working with Asbestos Insurance for the life of our business. Thanks again, The team at Grant & Sons.
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